What to expect after your surgery

Although having open heart surgery is a daunting proposition, the vast majority of patients recover quickly and well. We have a number of well proven protocols in place to ensure that your stay in hospital as therapeutic as possible.

After most cardiac surgery, patients are transferred from the operating theatre to the Intensive Care Unit. Here your vital signs are monitored closely for 48 hours or until the treating teams are happy that you are recovering normally. At this time you will be transferred to the ward for further recovery.

Over the next 4 to 6 days you will be helped to recover by a team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and other professional staff who aim to make the transition from surgery to recovery as smooth as possible.

Post Surgery

Prior to discharge, you will be self caring, able to walk around the ward and up a small flight of stairs unaided. All medications that you require will be dispensed along with instructions on how and when they should be taken. Further written material, as well as emergency contact numbers will be given to you prior to discharge. We also are able to provide Hospital in the Home services or Silver Chain in case minor medical issues such as wound dressings are still required following discharge.

For patients that require a longer stay or who do not have carers available, we offer a period of short stay rehab either in the hospital itself or at an alternative site if more convenient. Patients that live more than 2 hours from Perth will need to remain in Perth for a week prior to returning home.

All patients are reviewed by the surgeon at 4 weeks following the operation or at a more convenient time if necessary. Appointments for your follow up visits will be made by the ward clerks on the ward before you go home.